Trent Lott's Porch

If you haven't seen it:
On this page of "Crooks & Liars" is a video of Bush
letting the nation know that
Trent Lott is going to have a "fantastic" new house...
"And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch"


Blogger Trent Lott's Porch said...

Nice pic and thanks for the
links. Just started my
first blog today and of
course named it
"Trent Lott's Porch"

The theme of the blog is:
what you might imagine you would
see from Trent's porch, or what
might you read as you rocked
on the porch.

Could I "borrow" your photo
or link to it?


10:50 PM  
Blogger jjoats said...

It's all yours-just give me a hattip, I'll take all the traffic I can get

7:36 AM  

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