Fake News Organization’s Reporter Quits
Fake White House reporter Jeff Gannon, allegedly the only “reporter” to have access to an internal CIA memo that named covert CIA agent Valerie Plame, is calling it quits after controversy surrounding how he possessed the kind of access to the memo that no reporter from any news organization had. On his website, Gannon writes, “Because of the attention being paid to me I find it is no longer possible to effectively be a reporter for Talon News. In consideration of the welfare of me and my family I have decided to return to private life.” Gannon, who is known to ask loaded questions during White House press briefings, worked for Talon News, a news agency in “name only,” as blogger Kos revealed. Talon News has no real newsroom or office and consists of “volunteer reporters” directed by an editor-in-chief named Bobby Eberle, who distributes most of the stories through his other organization (where he is president and CEO) called GOPUSA. Eberle and his wife live in Texas, where they are heavily involved in conservative politics.


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