Ohio Election Fraud
Saturday, December 4th, Rally, Columbus, OH.
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
High & Broad Sts., Ohio Statehouse.
Volunteers are urgently needed for signs, flyers, and other things. Theme: "Investigate, Coordinate, Litigate, Re-Count, Recuse "Investigate all 88"(counties)". Greg Palast (journalist, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) Lynn Landes (journalist, EcoTalk.org) David Lytel (organizer of BeAmerica) Reverend Bill Moss (former Columbus school board member) Bob Fitrakis (Columbus Free Press) Reuben Herrera (Latino Activist) Anita Rios (Green Party) Cliff Arnebeck (lead litigant in the Contest of Election suit) Jad Hummeidan (Council on American Islamic Relations) Ohio State Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) Sean Grayson (AFSME) John Bonifaz (National Voting Rights Institute) Ian Solomon (Associate Dean & Professor, Yale School of Law) (invited) Petey Tallie (Ohio AFL-CIO) (invited) Bill Burga (Ohio AFL-CIO) (invited) Reverend Mylian Waite (Antioch Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio) (invited) Charleta Tavares (Columbus City Council member) (invited) Thom Hartman (activist, author) (invited) The soul/gospel/bluegrass band The Carpenter Ants from Charleston, West Virginia, will perform at the rally stsrting at 12:30 and ending at 1:00 or a few minutes before. Emcee: Susan Truitt (founding member of Citizens’ Alliance for Secure Elections) (Contact : susan_truitt@yahoo.com 614-487-1759)


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