From Arianna Huffington:
The Greedy Dozen
12 reasons why it's not in the Republican Party's best interest to stop the outsourcing of jobs.
Jobs are leaving America at an alarming rate. But rather than try to put a stop to the outsourcing, our current administration encourages it by giving tax incentives to companies that ship jobs to other countries - and Americans are left training the workers that will replace them.
Who are the worst, unpatriotic, un-American perpetrators? We bring you the GREEDY DOZEN - the twelve worst outsourcers in America. Take notice of where their campaign contributions are going...
- 1 -
AKA Ken "You Shouldn't Be Allowed to Have 'America' in the Name of Your Company" Lewis
Name: Kenneth D. Lewis
Company: Bank of America
Title: CEO
Crime Against America: Bank of America has eliminated nearly 5,000 jobs, while outsourcing 1,250 jobs to India. In July 2004 the firm announced it will cut an additional 12,500 jobs in the next two years. As at several other firms, employees are given severance pay on the condition they help train their replacements. Meanwhile, the firm is set to open a new facility in the Indian city of Hyderabad that will handle support and transactions for most of the bank's major divisions.Partner in Crime: James H. Hance, Vice Chairman of Bank of America is a 2004 Bush Ranger (meaning he's raised at least $200,000 for the Bush campaign), has contributed $25,000 to the Republican National Committee and has contributed the full $2,000 to Bush. Lewis himself has given the full $2,000 to the Bush campaign.
- 2 -
Name: Darwin Deason
Company: Affiliated Computer
ServicesTitle: Chairman and Company Director
Crime Against America: Affiliated Computer Services provides business processing and information technology outsourcing services for commercial clients and government agencies around the world. The company has outsourced about 1,300 jobs to India over the past three years. The outsourced jobs have primarily been data processing and technical support positions.Partner in Crime: Darwin Deason is a $25,000 contributor to the Republican National Committee. The company's CEO, Jeffrey Rich, also contributed $25,000 to the RNC.
- 3 -
Name: George David
Company: United Technologies
Title: Chairman and CEO
Crime Against America: United Technologies has software development centers in Pune and Bangalore, India. The company is also in the process of shipping 80 percent of its software application development and support to India. Partner in Crime: David is a 2004 Bush Ranger. He has contributed $25,000 to the Republican National Committee and $2,000 to the Bush campaign during the 2004 election cycle. Stephen Page, Former Vice Chairman and CFO (retired April 2004) is a $2,000 contributor to the Bush campaign.
- 4 -
Name: Jeffrey R. Immelt
Company: General Electric
Title: Chairman and CEO
Crime Against America: General Electric is widely recognized as one of the founders of the trend to outsource to India. The company employs 12,000 people in India who perform a variety of tasks, including answering calls about consumer credit cards, giving IT technical assistance, and handling network security Partners in Crime: Three leading executives of General Electric, Immelt, Dennis D. Dammerman, Vice Chairman and Benjamin W. Heineman, Senior V.P. General Counsel, have earned handsome compensations from the company and each have each maxed out with $2,000 donations to the Bush campaign.
- 5 -
Name: Dick Cheney
Company: Haliburton
Title: Former CEO
Crime Against America: Not only does Halliburton have forty-four subsidiaries in offshore tax havens, but with Cheney in the CEO's seat, Halliburton, through its foreign subsidiaries, helped Iraq reconstruct its war-torn oil industry in the nineties with $73 million worth of equipment and services -- becoming Baghdad's biggest such supplier. Kinda nice how that worked out for the vice president, really: oversee the destruction of an industry, then profit from rebuilding it.Partner in Crime: Became VP of the United States of America. So Cheney is actually the main partner in crime to the Bush administration. And the perfect tie between business corruption and the Bush Administration. Became VP of the United States of America.
- 6 -
Name: Thomas Renyi
Company: Bank of New York
Title: Chairman and CEO
Crime Against America: Bank of New York announced in March 2003 that it was sending an additional 250 computer software jobs to Mumbai, where it already employed 670 workers. The firm also announced plans in 2003 to open a software development center in the Philippines.Partner in Crime: Renyi is a Bush Pioneer and has raised over $100,000 for the Bush campaign.
- 7 -
Name: Charles Betty
Company: Earthlink
Title: Director and CEO
Crime Against America: At the start of this year Earthlink was the country's third-largest Internet service provider, behind AOL and MSN, with about 5 million subscribers. The company off-shored approximately 1,300 jobs to the Philippines. These job cuts mostly affected people who worked billing questions, technical questions, or questions from people who want to upgrade to broadband. The job cuts affect workers in EarthLink's contact center operations in Atlanta, Harrisburg, Pa., and three locations in California: Roseville, San Jose and Pasadena.Partner in Crime: Betty has contributed $2,750 to the Bush campaign over the past two years and another $1,000 to the Republican National Committee.
- 8 -
Name: John Chambers
Company: Cisco Systems
Title: President and CEO
Crime Against America: TechsUnite is a project of the Communications Workers of America, the AFL-CIO, and several other groups concerned about the outsourcing of information technology jobs to India and other countries outside the U.S. This organization reported that Cisco has outsourced 2,300 software and web development jobs to India and other foreign locations over the course of the past few years.Partners in Crime: John Chambers is a $2,000 contributor to the Bush campaign and a $10,000 contributor to California Republican Party. The company's Senior Vice President of worldwide field operations, Richard Justice, also contributed $2,000 to the Bush campaign and $10,000 the California Republican Party, as did too Randy Pond, Cisco's senior vice president of operations, systems, and processes. Dennis Powell, company CFO, made a $20,000 donation to the California Republican Party.
- 9 -
Name: David Dorman
Company: A T & T
Title: Chairman and CEO
Crime Against America: The Communication Workers of America has reported that AT&T outsourced nearly 500 customer service jobs to India in 2003.Partner in Crime: Dorman has contributed $2,000 to the Bush campaign and $15,000 to the Republican National Committee. A T & T Wireless Services Chairman, President and CEO is not only a Bush contributor -- he's contributed to the lost of nearly 3,000 to India.
- 10 -
Name: Michael S. Dell
Company: Dell Computers
Title: Chairman and Former CEO (Chairman and CEO until July, 2004)
Crime Against America: Dell's Bangalore and Hyderabad, India, facilities employ close to 3,000 people.Partner in Crime: Dell has contributed $3,000 to the Bush campaign in 2003 and 2004, plus an additional $25,000 the Republican National Committee, and $10,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. Dell CFO James M. Schneider is a $25,000 contributor to the RNC.
- 11 -
Name: Christopher B. Galvin
Company: Motorola
Title: Former CEO
Crime Against America: Christopher Galvin is the recently departed CEO of the company. Motorola has outsourced design engineering and research and development jobs to India, resulting in a loss of approximately 1,000 U.S. jobs. Overall, Motorola has about 1,500 jobs in India.Partner in Crime: Galvin contributed $5,000 to the Republican National Committee and $2,000 to the Bush campaign. Gregory Brown, a company executive vice president, contributed $25,000 to the Republican National Committee and $2,000 to the Bush campaign.
- 12 -
Name: Gary D. Forsee
Company: Sprint
Title: Chairman & CEO
Crime Against America: 21,000 job cuts were made between late 2001 and 2003. While Sprint's outsourcing activities have been difficult to track jobs have without a doubt been sent overseas. In fact, at the same time that a company memo said that the plans to offshore would likely affect only "several hundred" jobs, a company memo to potential vendors that was leaked to the press. Partner in Crime: Forsee and Len J. Lauer, company President and COO, have both maxed out at the full $2,000 for the Bush campaign.


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