Did we have free and fair elections in 2004? Here is your chance to tell us
about what happened to you on Election Day in Ohio. They might have conceded - but we haven't conceded our right to have our votes counted.

We are issuing a nonpartisan statewide call to action for public hearings on Ohio voting irregularities. We invite voters and poll workers from around the state to testify at one of the following venues on this year's election:

Saturday November 13, 1-4 PM
New Faith Baptist Church
955 Oak Street
Columbus, Ohio 43205

Monday November 15, 6-9 PM,
Meeting Room A, Courthouse
373 S. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43215

This is a public space to respond to the stories of systemic undermining of our democratic process and assess how to respond to racial disenfranchisement and suppression of democratic rights.

We are calling for any individuals or organizations that have information about election irregularities or voter suppression that occurred before, during or after the elections to give their testimony.

We are calling for our public officials, community representatives and the media to come and hear the testimony of the people.

We will document and/or videotape the testimonies for use in a report and a formal complaint to the Franklin County Board of Elections.

We are seeking support from US Congressional Representatives, Ohio State Representatives, nonpartisan organizations, and community and national leaders. Experts and investigative reporters are invited to present testimony as well.

To get involved, sponsor this call, or testify on Saturday or Monday, please contact us at commoncauseoh@aol.com


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